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the history of

the clock factory

I am Patricia Jutzeler-Delfin the 4th generation of a watch and clock repair family originating from Switzerland. Our horological history starts with my great grandfather, who worked in a Swiss watch factory as an accomplished watchmaker after World War I. In the late 1920's it became very difficult for him to provide for his 12 children during the Great Depression. 

His brother had a successful watch shop in Marrakesh, Morocco. My great grandfather joined him and together they opened two more stores, one in Oran and another in Casablanca. With these new stores and a new job he was able to provide for his family in Switzerland.  


Gemma & Oscar Jutzeler

After the passing of my great grandfather, my grandfather followed in his footsteps and also became an accomplished watchmaker. During the 1950's the watch business started to boom with exports to the USA and Canada. Due to the increase in demand my grandfather opened his own watch movement factory in Switzerland. In 1955 my father Oscar, left Switzerland and immigrated to Montreal to organize an after sales service for watches in the Canadian distribution industry.

A decade later my parents moved to Toronto and continued the watch and clock business. Shortly after I was born, I remember quite vividly the evenings where the entire family would sit at the dinning room table, assembling watches. As time passed the business continued to operate from the family home. My dad later purchased a building on the Lakeshore and started The Clock Factory. 

At that time I had just graduated from high school, and decided to continue my education in Switzerland, learning to fix all sorts of timepieces. The Clock Factory has been a family business for over 30 years specializing in selling and repairing watches and clocks. Our slogan says it all "If it ticks, we can fix it" regardless of the age of your timepiece. We pride ourselves on the tradition of fine workmanship.

In 2005 I took ownership of the company, at the same time we celebrated my father's 55th anniversary working in the clock and watch business.


Sincerely yours,

Patricia Jutzeler-Delfin

Meet The Team

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Jessica Delfin

5th Generation

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Patricia Jutzeler Delfin

4th Generation Owner


Ligaya Delfin

5th Generation

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