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How to set up your clock

Setting up your Mantel/Wall Clock

  1. Set your clock on a sturdy/level surface or wall and remove the packaging carefully from the back of the clock.

  2. Careful not move the pendulum rod too much while handling the clock, as it can throw the clock off beat.

  3. Hang the pendulum and give it a gentle and light swing to engage the gears. You should hear an even TICK TOCK (meaning the clock is in beat*)

*A clock is in beat when the tick and tock of a clock are evenly spaced and within the same time interval

Setting the time on your clock

  1. When setting the time on your clock you should only move the minute hand clockwise to the desired time

  2. Make sure you move it slowly, especially when nearing a chiming point (12,3,6 & 9 for a “westminister” movement or at 12 & 6 for a “bim bam” movement)

  3. Stop when you reach each chiming point and allow the clock to finish its chime sequence

  4. Repeat until the correct time.

Problems when setting up the clock

“My clock only runs for a few minutes and then stops”

This could mean the clock is not in beat. Being level does not always mean the clock will be in beat. Listen closely to make sure the “ticks and tock's” are even.

Reasons the clock may be out of beat

Over swinging the pendulum OR moving the clock from one location to another without removing the pendulum

How to Adjust the beat

  1. Bring the clock to The Clock Factory so that we adjust the crutch left or right accordingly.

  2. At home version for mantel clocks: use coins to prop up either the left or right side of the clock to get the clock back on beat. Making sure that both feet on either the right or left side are even.

  3. At home version for wall clocks: slightly move the bottom of the clock left or right (making it unlevelled)

“My clock is chiming 3 times when it is 2 O’clock”

This is a simple fix you can do at home. If a clock is chiming an hour ahead or behind, simply take the hour hand and gently move it an hour forward, backward, to the correct number that it is chiming on the hour. The hour hand may feel stiffer but simply apply a little bit of pressure and it will move.

Reasons why chimes may be out of sync

When moving the minute hand too quickly when setting the time and not allowing the chimes to engage OR during transportation of the clock

Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at 416-251-1225

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