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Elevate your space with the Heritage Design, Shelby Wall Clock from Seiko.  This analog round wall clock features sporty colors of white, grey and black encompassed in a white aluminum case protected by a glass crystal face.  The Lumibrite on the number indicators and hands allow you to tell the time, even in low light.  This sporty clock features three precision-engineered inset dials that provide you with valuable information at a glance.  A subtle yet captivating inset dial displays the seconds, reminding you that every moment counts.  Stay informed about your environment with the temperature dial.  Accurate and easy to read, it keep you up to date on the current conditions.  Humidity levels can significantly impact your comfort and well-being.  Our humidity dial ensures you're always aware of the  moisture in the air, helping you create a more comfortable and healthy living space.  Powered by 2 AA batteries, included.  Overall dimensions:  12.99 X 12.99 X 1.93 inches.  Quartz crystal movement allows for the most accurate time keeping.  Perfect for tween to adult.

Dimensions: 1.93" x 13" x 13"

QXA823S | 13" Seiko

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