Our Products

Do you have other models in stock that are not shown on this website?

We want to help you save TIME and are passionate about helping you find the right timepiece – just call or email us or visit one our location and one of our product specialists will be pleased to assist you! 

If you don’t find one of the models from our brands online or in-store, we will search our network to get you that perfect product. 

Are your watches new?

The Clock Factory is a fully authorized retailer of each of the brands that we carry. Every item that you find on theclockfactory.ca and at our stores is new and comes directly to us from the manufacturer. All purchases come with the original packaging, warranty, manuals.


**Although this does not apply to our vintage selection of watches which are either previously loved, or from our vintage collection.

How do I know my vintage watch will work?

Aside from selling watches and clocks, we are professional watch and clock specialists and have been repairing watches and clocks since 1981. When purchasing a vintage watch we provide a complete overhaul and cleaning of the timepiece free of charge to ensure that it is in working condition. 

*Because of the cleaning and overhaul that we must do prior to shipping the watch it will take longer to ship compared to the other brands. The servicing may take up to 3 weeks, although we will update you throughout via email.


Ordering Online

How do I place an order without using a credit card?

We are happy to accept Visa Debit. Please confirm and verify your billing information before processing. We will contact you via email to confirm when your order has been processed and shipped.

What are the charges for taxes and shipping on my order?

As a small business we have a base price for shipping within Ontario as $12 and outside of Canada as $24. Don’t forget if you are a local, or in the area you can always choose to “pick-up in store” when checking out and we will prepare your item for you and let you know when it can be picked up to save you the shipping cost! 

Are there additional fees associated with shipping to the U.S.?

We want to enable our U.S. customers to order with ease. While duties and taxes are not likely to be charged on most orders, The Clock Factory shall NOT be held responsible for any possible duties and taxes which may be applied by U.S. customs or individual states within the U.S. The responsibility for any foreign duties, taxes or other fees which may be imposed, rest with the customer. Prices shown on the website do NOT include these fees. 

Please contact your local customs and state tax offices for more information regarding taxes and duties payable in your region.

What if I want to change my order after it is placed?

Please contact us as soon as possible and we can make the revision to your order.  

Email: Swisstime@rogers.com

Phone: (416) 251-1225

I think I was charged multiple times for my order?

Don’t worry – we only charge you once for your order!  Upon clicking PLACE ORDER and in record time, our systems will pre-authorize your credit card for payment. Payment is captured once we confirm and ship your product. If there is a payment error, and you continue to attempt to place the order, your card may be pre-authorized multiple times. However, a reversal request is immediately sent.  Sometimes your bank isn’t as timely as us and while usually reversed immediately, it can sometimes take up to seven days depending on your financial institution. 

I keep receiving errors when trying to place my order. What do I do?

Please ensure that your billing information matches EXACTLY to the format of your credit card statement to avoid errors. Please also double check you have sufficient funds available on your card. If you continue having errors, please try using a verified PayPal account or contact us and we will be happy to assist you to make the most of your time. 


How do I ship to a different address?

As you check out, you will have the option of entering your billing information and separate shipping information. Our shipments are delivered during regular business hours; so, this is a great option for those who wish to receive their package at work.


Not satisfied with your item? No problem, as a small business we do not ship out return labels with your order but please contact us as soon as possible with your inquiry and we can help you return your item!

Email: Swisstime@rogers.com

Phone: (416) 251-1225


How long does it take to get my order?

As a small business we try and get your order to you as soon as possible, we generally ship out your order within 3 business and depending on Canada post it may take 5-7 business days to arrive to you. 

*COVID-19 may effect shipping times during this time*

Warranty & Repairs

What if my watch requires warranty service?

We provide a 1 year warranty from The Clock Factory when you purchase your item, if it has passed the 1 year time, oftentimes the manufacturer also supplies a warranty with the item if the item does not work or has malfunctioned, please contact us for more information

Email: Swisstime@rogers.com

Phone: (416) 251-1225

What if I got my watch and it doesn't fit?

Not a problem, if possible please bring it into our store The Clock Factory and we can adjust it to your size free of charge.

How will I know my watch will fit?

If you are unable to bring it into the store please email us prior to us shipping your order with your wrist size and we will do our best to adjust it to the proper size.

Email: Swisstime@rogers.com

Phone: (416) 251-1225

Have additional questions? Please contact us and we will do our best to answer any and all questions you may have!